Fruity Garden

Fruity Garden

Fruity Garden is a cute game for kids in which you collect fruits
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Fruity Garden is a cute game in which you must help your nanny collect fruits in order to make money. Every level has a certain number of fruits that you must collect in order to get to the next level. The game offers six different gardens and four kinds of fruits to collect. As you progress, you will be required to collect more fruits and you will also have to face other challenges like crows and hedgehogs that will want to eat your fruits. When they appear, you will have to scare them away with your slingshot.

There are two modes: Story and Survive. In story, you play the game progressively as the story unfolds; while in Survive, you have different challenges that you can face in any order and with different levels of difficulty. The game per se offers two difficulty modes: an easy and a common one. However, it doesn't present much difficulty in any of them, so I'd say the easy mode is specially designed for little kids.

The graphics are really cute, colorful and delightful, so they would definitely attract kids. Sounds and music are also very attractive.

For me, the game was too slow and boring, and not challenging at all. Besides, there are only 4 types of fruits to collect, and there's not so much to do apart from clicking on the fruits on the trees. All in all, Fruity Garden can only be worth buying if you have little kids, who will surely enjoy the graphics and the little adventure.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Cute theme and graphics
  • Two modes
  • Good for kids


  • Not challenging
  • Not so many things to do
  • Only four fruits
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